April 24th, 2013

CC doubled the grant they’re giving me each year - DOUBLED it. From about 8 grand to 15. On top of my merit scholarship. The relief, the joy, are inexpressible. Knowing that a burden will be taken off of my parents - knowing that all of the work, the letters, the calls, the visits, the paperwork, the stress, the tears, the hope, that all of it has not been in vain - knowing that so many people made a concerted effort on my behalf, knowing that they took a leap of faith for me, knowing that they believed I was worth it - knowing that God put his hand over me and those around me and those in Colorado and caused such a beautiful falling-together in my life - is pure, unadulterated joy.

I am so humbled by this incredible gift. If none of this had happened - if it had been easier to get to this place, so that I took the aid and support for granted, or if it had been impossible, so that I would go to college feeling bitter and resentful of the financial burden - I would not be so inspired to do great and beautiful things with my time there. But this gift is awe-inspiring. 

I will do great things there: not because of any talent of my own, but because I have been given something stunning and I will do my best to repay that - to the people who loved and encouraged me, to the college, to the universe, to God. 

This is my promise.